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    So, what the bejeezus is the Choice Charm?


    Thanks for asking!.. it's not too complicated...read on...


    So think about Bob, the guy in your local market who you go to for advice when your dinner guests have preferences so obscure it excludes ALL the major food groups! Bob's not phased by any of it - all he wants to do is to help you make the best meal ever.


    Well, the Choice Charm quiz is a little bit like that.


    Because it can do 2 Crucial things for your Business:


    1. Reduce Frustration and Analysis Paralysis in Your Customer

    2. Position Your Product or Service as their best and simplest choice.



    And that's where a Choice Charm Quiz will help.

    If you are selling a range of different products or services your one job is to give your customer a clear journey from browsing to buying. Take them by the hand and point them towards the perfect solution for them.


    Make it Personal.


    So whether it's digital products, bespoke t-shirts or amazing coffees in a local coffee shop, buyers love the clarity that a Choice Charm Quiz can bring.


    Your Quiz will assess your quiz takers' current situation - (where they are in their biz journey perhaps) or personal preferences (as simple as blue vs red, flat white or Americano.)


    No messing around. By giving the perfect solution, you position yourself as a trusted, knowledgeable advisor and kerching - the cash is in the bank!

    So this is not just any quiz - it's a personalised bespoke recommendation.



    Scroll down to see what your Choice Charm Quiz Funnel will look like but before that check out my video which gives you the crucial next steps you need to get you started


    Let's do this!



  • Watch my short video to find out the first two things you must do for Quiz Success



    Think about it.. most lead magnets are a one-way street and pretty meh right? And with all of our attention spans decreasing you need something better. Your Quiz is an interactive, fun experience that requires interaction, self-reflection and input. And makes your customer feel special.


    When you really know your ideal client you can meet them where they're at with a big spoonful of Empathy. Relevant questions, results with personalised solutions and next steps says "I get you and I've got you" Which means you position yourself as the perfect person to help.


    Ever wondered what your Ideal Customer is thinking? Like really thinking? Well with a quiz you can get strategic and find out everything you need to know. No more spray and pray marketing - you get to target your messaging to each segment from day one.


    Quizzes get shared - a hell of a lot! On average, 1900 times according to Buzz Feed! So if you get your results right (which means ones that people are proud of and really really want to tell their friends about!), then you can sit back and watch your reach and list growth explode.

  • Your Choice Charm Quiz Funnel



    You might think I'm racing ahead here - but there's no point writing an awe-inspiring, fun and beautiful quiz if no one gets to see it! Now's the time to use your best sales patter! Get those customers in and looking through your shop window! Whether you choose to promote organically or using FB ads (quizzes are awesome for reach - just saying!). You need to pull all the moves to bring in all those lovely new customers* *(from what I know about you - I think you know this already!).



    So now that you've attracted your ideal clients - they are raring to go and ready to take your Quiz. This is the cool bit. Your Quiz questions and answers can ask all the right questions and help you apply your expertise to suggest the perfect product or service for your new customer. And don't worry - you can still get to show off your wares. The features and benefits (I know you'll not forget those) will shine a bright light on all the awesome things you have to offer in your results pages. Right now it's about listening and working out the perfect solution for your customer.



    Ok, ok, so you guys are special. You are my brilliant exception that proves every rule. It's perfectly ok for you to cut to the chase and sell what you've got. Right now off the bat. Let's do it! (I usually say a price point less than £50 - but you're the expert - so take that with a pinch of salt). Make sure your Results Pages give a personalised offer based on all the information that you've gathered in the questions and answers. Your Quiz Taker will say yes or no right?! Go for it - make that sale. And relax in the knowledge that you've not lost them for good - even if they don't buy right away.👍



    Crazy Fools! They didn't buy just yet. OK - so that's their prerogative. But now's the time to keep the momentum going with your quiz taker through your Email Sequence. They’ve already given you their email address as well as a bucket load of info in the quiz. Not everyone's an impulse buyer - you know that! Position you or your brand as the one thing they've been searching for all their lives. Take it easy here. They might need more convincing. Use your email sequence to take your quiz taker on a journey that develops the know, like and trust factor or offer an alternative solution. Above all show off the ways in which your product or service can solve their problems.

  • Hi there Future Quiz Superstar, I'm Heather!

    and you got me - I bloody love quizzes!

    And ellipses... ... ...


    But what's with the love for quizzes? Quite simply. Because they do their job. Time and time again.

    When my events business was put on hold thanks to something nasty that's been going around (you might have heard about it?) I invested in Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy, was introduced to this wondrous lead magnet that is a quiz and was instantly hooked.

    I suddenly had a lead magnet where I got to demonstrate my personality, learn all about my lovely customers, segment my audience, and be super creative!


    Plus I was growing my list, easily and whilst having fun.




    Fast forward to 2022 and after setting up my own agency I've written quizzes for Coaches, Consultants, Coffee Shops, E-Commerce Businesses, Artisan Perfumers, Dance Academies - even a birth control biz! You name it - the list goes on. And finally my own - which you just took. Thank you x


    I LOVE my Done for You Clients but I love teaching more.


    Because I get to share this amazing lead magnet strategy with more people, take the mystery out of it (it's really not that tricky!) AND I get to help great people build great businesses whilst staying true to themselves.

    What about me? If I’m not building quizzes then I’m at home in Northern Ireland with my tree surgeon partner 🌳 and my three teenage daughters.

    As I write this copy, there's a big Roast Dinner in the oven, the fire is lit and I've a nice glass of Malbec on the go. Life is good.


    I'm so glad that you've stumbled upon the magical world of quizzes and I wish you all the luck in the world.


    Let me know if I can help.


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    So now what?

    Keep going....me and my favourite TV family are cheering you on!
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    1. Learn from the Best!
    Enjoy Some Quiz Inspiration

    When I first started writing quizzes, (and before I worked with all the Quiz Greats), I took at least 101 quizzes. It really is the best way to learn. Download my favourite 9 here!

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    2. Not sure on your Theme? Grab the CC Topic Mapper

    But what do I write my quiz on Heather? It's a question I'm asked a lot. I've put together this useful Quiz Topic Mapper with ideas based on your business and quiz objectives.

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    By joining our exclusive Facebook group, you'll be the first to hear about new quizzes, enjoy exclusive content, and even contribute to the creation of future quizzes by sharing your thoughts and ideas.

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