• Hey! I'm Heather

    and I write quizzes and emails that make you money! Want one?

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    Hey, it's Heather, and you guessed it - I'm a total quiz geek!


    With over 25 years in advertising, events, and arts marketing, I've never found a lead magnet as effective as the humble quiz.


    That's why I started Kill It with Quizzes - to help others generate leads easily, quickly, and cheaply. Quizzes that are perfectly crafted to match your personality, business, and goals.


    We don't just write quizzes for fun, we write quizzes that convert! By appealing directly to your ideal customers and welcoming them into your world, we help you build relationships and increase conversions.


    When I'm not writing quizzes, you'll find me at home in the countryside with my three daughters, cooking up a big roast dinner or watching a crime series in the bath with a glass of Malbec. 🍷


    It's the perfect way to grease the creative wheels and develop new ideas.


    Got questions? I love chatting, so don't hesitate to reach out!


    Let's create you the most perfect, awe-inspiring, lead-grabbing, customer-delighting,

    money-making quiz for your business.