• Why Quizzes are Awesome:

    The ONLY Lead Magnet that lets you do all this ... and more!



    Everyone loves a quiz - because let's face it we all love finding out more about ourselves!

    This means tons of interest & really low Facebook Cost per Click



    If you write your quiz the right way - it will be a super fun experience for your customer. They will love taking your quiz and sharing with their friends. plus they gets to know, like and trust you.



    Clever Quizzes aren't just fun - the right questions can teach your prospect about your products or services - whilst the Quiz is being taken!



    Your customer not only learns more about themselves but you also learn more about them. Perfect for product and content development.

    Win Win!



    And it just gets better.

    You now have all the information you need to segment your email list and make sure that you send the perfect offer to the right customers!

  • What a Quiz Funnel Looks like... 

    "I see you, I get you, now how can I help you?'


    The Quiz Bit

    Your Quiz questions and answers make your ideal customer feel seenunderstood and valued  - like you wrote the quiz for them This accelerates the journey from intrigued quiz taker to potential customer.


    The Results Pages

    Here's where we cram in the value! The results pages speak directly to the their specific needs and wants through customized quiz results that give real solutions and next steps at the same time as position you as the friend and expert they need... now!


    The Email Sequences

    They’ve welcomed you into their world, so it's time to gain their trust and take them on a journey of learning more about themselves and the ways in which you can help. Show them what you know and see if they want to buy!

  • Here's One I Made Earlier.

    See what's possible for you!

    www.betenminutesmore.com Excellent Quiz Example

    Which Creative Super Hero Are You?

    Quiz objectives:

    1. Brand Awareness
    2. Gather Email Leads
    3. Understand audience by customer type
    4. Inspire audience of possibilities for them.
    5. Understand customer needs


    • 90 new email subscribers in 21 days (with basic $50 Facebook boosted ad spend and some organic promotion)
    • Clear segmentation of audience base by artist demographic. 
    • Thorough understanding of customer needs, wants and barriers.
    High Quality Quiz Facebook Cost Per Click Example
    High Quality Quiz Funnel Conversion Rate Image
  • I'm Heather

    I write quizzes that help make you money! Want one?

    Hey I’m Heather - and ok - you got me - I am a quiz geek...

    I have worked in advertising, events and arts marketing for over 25 years and I am telling you - I have never found a lead magnet that is so effective, engaging or fun as the humble quiz - who knew?!

    My first quiz (and it's true you never forget your first) generated so many leads, easily, quickly and cheaply that people started getting in touch to ask me to give them a hand.


    Fast forward six months and I was formally accepted, indoctrinated and inducted with the Quiz Platform Interact (it was tough but I made it through 😄) as one of their fancy Certified Consultants

    Kill It With Quizzes was born!
    And here you are!

    I write and teach quiz funnels that are perfectly crafted to match your personality, your business and what really matters - that convert!

    It's not about finding out if Harry Styles would make you the perfect husband or what percent Taylor Swift you are - it's about appealing directly to your ideal customers, welcoming them into your world, and helping them fall in love with you!

    If I’m not building quizzes then I’m at home in the country with my tree-surgeon partner and my three daughters either cooking a big Roast Dinner or watching a Crime Series in the bath. I can do both with a nice glass of Malbec (which if your asking, also helps grease the creative wheels in my writing too!)


    I would love to create you the most perfect, awe-inspiring, lead grabbing, customer delighting, money making quiz that I can.


    Don't leave it too late! Get in touch....



     How Can I Help?

    Cool Quiz Do it yourself Training

    QUIZ MAGIC 101

    Intro Training



    Our Intro Online Course

    gives you everything you need to get started designing, writing and hosting your own Quiz in Interact.






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    Quiz Magic GROUP




    Get your quiz written quickly in our group coaching programme

    • Group Training
    • Individual Feedback
    •  Peer Support
    • Facebook Group
    • Templates & Workbooks
    PLUS the option for us to do all the tech and build it for you! 💪
    OMG - do it yourself quiz writing

    Do it With Me


    We will work with you to write your Quiz Lead Magnet to get you started including

    • Topic and Title
    • Up to 8 Qs and 4 Results
    • First Result Emails
    • Follow up email templates.
    • 2 x 1hr Zoom Meetings
    Hell Yeah - Do it for me Quiz funnel Writing

    Do it For Me

    FROM £2500

    A really good quiz can have so much more including dedicated web results pages, email sequences and segmentation in your email provider.

    Depending on what you need we can help you write your full quiz funnel as well as your welcome emails, Facebook Ad copy, Optimisation and Tech Build.